The Story of Tushie TūQ

As parents of two young daughters and environmentally conscious Canadians, we begun looking for the best cloth diaper solution 8 years ago. At that time we tried many different brands and styles including foldable inserts, pocket diapers, disposable liners, and every variation in between. We managed but it never seemed as easy as it should be. In the past couple of years we revived our search for the perfect cloth diapers. Through trial and error and many diapers, we found that we liked different aspects of different diapers. So we decided to put all the best features into one diaper to make our lives easier. We called it Tushie TūQ.


Cloth Diaper Inserts


The outer shell of a Tushie TūQ is made of polyester velour (aka minky, which is a plush material to the touch but washes well) and the inner liner is made of polyester microfleece which is very soft against the baby’s skin. The backside of the outer shell (in between the outer shell and inner liner) has a water proof coating to stop leakage. The inserts are made of super absorbent microfiber terry.



Pocket Cloth Diapers


Tushie TūQ cloth diapers are pocket diapers with the insert(s) fitting in via a slot at the back of the diaper. Designing the slot at the very back of the diaper rather than a fold over helps with stuffing the diapers and removing the insert after use. It also helps ensure that baby’s waste doesn’t get into the inside of the diaper pocket.  The pocket is big enough to fit 1 or 2 inserts, depending on need.


Cloth Diaper Sizes


Sizing with cloth diapers is very important to see real savings over time.  If diapers need to be replaced every few months, the economics of cloth diapering dwindle.  Tushie TūQ diapers have sturdy snaps placed in such a manner that they will fit almost any size baby from 8 to 35  lbs.  Not only does the waiste tighten with snaps, but the midsection can also be snapped together to shorten the diaper to fit teeny tiny babies.


Diaper Sprayer

A very important step in our opinion is spraying the solid waste off into the toilet.  We have tried the disposable liners and found they create more of a mess than you’d think.  It’s rare they catch everything. And putting a diaper into a bin with solid waste and then into your washing machine is not a good idea.  So, the best solution we found is simply to take the diaper into your bathroom, use the diaper sprayer to wash off the solids into the toilet, and put the diaper in a bin.   Then when it’s full (we recommend diapers don’t sit dirty for more than 2 days) wash in warm water with a free & clear detergent and hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat.


Each Tushie TūQ cloth diaper comes with 2 inserts.  All products have a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Our diapers are manufactured in China with certified Oeko Tex fabrics.  Never send used diapers or inserts back to us, but rather contact us with the problem and we will fix it.  Tushie TūQ is Canadian owned and operated by parents with experience!


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